Fix aram matchmaking, announcements

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  2. Plus you can always always learn something from being outmatched.
  3. Noone will dodge a game with a Rioter in it because they want to play with or against them.
  4. It's going to happen eventually.
  5. Probably not gonna happen.
  6. Yup, if people got timered for leaving they'd do it less.

They said they would make it if it would become popular enough. You may post highlight clips or plays pentakills etc. Not ideal compared to choosing your teams before you start, dating apps im but it's not that different. Schedule for Summer Split.

Personally I think the queue dodge penalty is a slap on the wrist and won't have much of an impact on the tendency of players to behave that way. Let ye who has never been relieved when someone else dodged be the first to downvote. There's still Kog, Ziggs, Xerath, etc.

Fix aram matchmaking

Aram matchmaking should be less restrictive on MMR at very high MMRs ARAM

If you are new to Reddit check out Reddit for a basic introduction. Want to add to the discussion? Besides, it's already supported by the addition of the Proving Grounds as a map and All Random mode. Let me discuss this with few others first. My point is there will be even more angry people.

Do you include only champs owned? Just assume its coded like ass, as most things in the client are. Other banworthy champs include Kat, Kassadin, Karthus, etc. My guess is that it is not currently a priority for them. There's no need to not create a queue just because some people want to custom, glee since custom is still open.

That's why I'd really like to see a vote re-roll in champion select. They already stated it takes time to create matchmaking, so all we need is some patience. Rules All posts must be aram related. But no communication is ridiculous from a company that prides itself on being close to its community.

Have I misunderstood your post? That being said, this would require even more development resources for a side project and that could make make it unfeasible. They would just get split up on the two teams randomly.

Are you even reading what we're talking about? Of course the introduction of a penalty over having no penalty will decrease the behavior. There's been too many people asking about this for too long. Go look for public custom games that have proving grounds as the map and join the lobby. They don't always tell us about things beforehand and in fact oftentimes they deliberately don't tell us so we don't get all magma chamber on them.

Fix aram matchmaking
Fix aram matchmaking

Petition for Proving Ground ARAM Matchmaking Over votes. leagueoflegends

No shit Sherlock, but if you knew that you can move by pressing your right mouse button we could win this! If the title isn't explicit enough try to add more information about what you are referring to. HoN has this already, I think it's been a great addition to the HoN community.

Want to add to the discussion

This works great for competitive matches, where you want to be roughly matched by skill. Personally, there are champs on my roster that I just don't want to play. You could also limit by team, ask but then you have to delve into who gets to reroll and that can complicate things a bit. Yeah but sometimes we'd all like to play in the same game.

Nasus ap does pretty well in aram and Veigar is super strong, farm the opponent champs and stuns everywhere. As it is, I think lower mmr is more common in the aram community than higher mmr. Veigar is strong as hell in Aram, His stun covers half the lane and the high champ kill count covers the lack of Q farming. Start spamming SapMagic matchmaking guy to fix this shit. Yup, because Summoner's Rift has auto matchmaking and you never waste any time trying to setup a game.

Fix aram matchmaking

And ye, my english suxx get over it. And plus, even tho it is imbalanced, elo system would work, just as it works in soloqueue. Even when the team comps were shitty for me. Sometimes individual skill makes no difference because your team composition is just better.

Even though we're talking about unranked, it's no secret that you have a hidden Elo rating for normal games. Having a method of minimising dodges is a good idea. Dodgers prevent these matches, which I'm ok with. And trust me, I love my Tiamats.

It's allowed in Dota but the tradeoff is that you start with less gold. Bans are the weakest champs. What I can tell you, though, is that dodgers are prolific, and they do it for a reason.

Are you sure it isn't All random unless I get a champ I don't like or is underpowered or if my whole team only does magic damage or if the enemy team looks too op all mid? In one fight as Riven I managed to make it past the enemy team and suicide without giving them the kill to their fountain laser. Phreak said on stream that changing available items is a good way to balance out different classes of champions.

Fix aram matchmaking
Fix aram matchmaking

People should be allowed to leave if they feel they are in a unbalanced team? You can always find some way to have fun if you look for it even in a losing game. People will leave, regardless of what the penalty may be.

We get to pick who we face and vice versa. If we can address half the reason they do it without making it any less fun for other people, then why not? Making a new queue isn't a trivial task since there are a lot of moving pieces load testing, player stats, matchmaking rules, etc.

Then mark those games clearly in the join list - fair warning. Them not saying anything about it doesn't mean it's not happening. The only balances beyond that would be the items.

We are pleased to announce upcoming changes to the matchmaking system two months from now! We've seen enough of these posts on reddit by now. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. The difficulty isn't really in the programming I should hope at least, though the bugs still in the client are disappointing.

  • There's no cost to the player individually.
  • Those scaling abilities honestly mostly make up for the lack of presence those champions usually have early, and in aram you can have that presence regardless.
  • The other team was so confused every time I popped my shield.
  • Sure, you want the bonus ap and the bonus damage but the rest of the champion is still pretty dang good.
  • However, to address it since you wanted to counter my point, no it would not work.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Oscar Gamble said it first I think. It's not always just about the long range poke. However, assuming equal skill, bad setups become more game deciding. People will use new accounts and only buy specific champions Cait, Yii, etc.


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