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You and Kris were seated at D. As they came to the lake they found a group of people laughing and hanging out. Kris then realized he should text D. There's a difference between being competitive and trying to color over something that is already there. Originally posted by ethereal-baek.

Sehun was walking around campus trying to see if he could smell your scent when he finally found what class you were in. Sehun also ran into Kai and Tao walking so he decided to talk to them about what he is about to do while he is waiting for you to get out of class. After you guys introduced yourself you guys talked while shopping for things. Kai looks frozen and becomes so incredibly shy.

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  1. As he finally stood up in the water he looked at you and smiled.
  2. Suho was walking through the store he kept thinking about the person he saw last week.
  3. Sehun was walking with Kai and Tao while laughing about random things.
  4. He enjoys skinship but you don't see him out and about making questionable touches or glances at other members.
  5. Also his stares at other members.
  6. Originally posted by dailyexo.

He's a simple guy who appreciates the simple pleasures of life and doesn't deviate from his own beliefs. Baekhyun was know thinking of ways of trying to talk to you without trying to seem creepy. He calmed down before turning to you and said hi. If I had to pick, I'd say bisexual.

He's lovable and enjoys skinship but when the debate is on, he makes it known to all where his mind lies. He quickly hid behind a tree ready to turn into a wolf if he needs to. Also notice he almost always keeps his hands firmly together when talking with or among other members in an environment that wasn't the stage.

Soon Sehun changed to topic to get to know more about you. Their relationship had been speculated on after seeing the couple post pictures donning pair headphones, sunglasses and bracelets. Kai had made it his goal to try to get to know as much as he could about you before class tomorrow. And for good reason, as the shocking pictures showed Kai and Krystal allegedly kissing in a swimming pool at Hong C hotel in Gangneung. Chen felt something looking at you he wanted to know you.

Kai had gotten your number after you guys had meet that day at the Cafe. Out of nowhere he saw something drop in front of him as he picked it up and looked up to give it to you he froze. The rest of the pack made it there mission to make sure that you sit next to Chanyeol in which they succeeded in.

As he almost ran out the door to get to class Kris had stopped him asking why was he so happy to get to class he usually ends up ditching witch makes Suho gives him a lectures for. Luhan felt upset and sad by his inner wolf how could he have chosen a human as a mate. In addition, there were frequent sightings of the couple being spotted together, most likely on dates.

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Originally posted by sehunicorne. By all means empty all the ports. Originally posted by sefuns. Originally posted by lawlliets.

Not much is known if they have really been dating or if it was just a mere coincidence, but being spotted wearing pair shirts more than once might not be a coincindence. Sehun was also rumored to be dating because he once purchased a luxurious Mercedes Benz with tinted windows, possibly hinting that he had something to conceal. Tao looked at Kris smiled and said I found my mate she sis next to me in my class so I went to get there early so I can get a seat next to her and talk to her again. As soon as you walked through the door D.

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Originally posted by emperorzyx. Should he just go up to and say hi, free christian dating australia asking if you knew his friend or asking if he knew you from somewhere. As he was deep in thought he looked up and realized that he had lost you. It had been a week since Karaoke and Sehun had given D. Suho nodded and started laughing when he realized what was happening with Baekhyun and why he was acting more crazy then he usually was.

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They are very similar in their quiet and introverted ways and so I think it really formed a strong friendship, but no relationship. When it comes to how people handle an inner conflict like sexuality, they tend to express it in different ways. This also isn't me saying you can't ship. Honestly not that unrealistic if you think about it.

They sought a bond to keep them together while they were away and that's it. Kai is probably the only person I've seen Kyungsoo let touch him consistently and not show anger or irritation at him. Posts Ask me anything Archive. It took him a few seconds to realizes that he should be running after you as he took off running after you as you turned the street looking up to see Suho staring at him weirdly while he is running.

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Kai was so confused at what he was feeling should he be mad at his inner wolf or no. However, these rumors were proven to be fake because it was an attempt to generate web traffic. If he was bisexual, my guess is Kai was the first and only one to make him think that way. Luhan keeps looking at you with love the whole time.

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Originally posted by oohsehuner D. If a straight man is typically asked to do something like that, namely in Korea, they will be embarrassed but laugh about it and just get it over with. It's similar to when I did theatre in my youth.

He loves to look good and won't hesitate to tell you he is. Originally posted by makeaestheticgreatagain. You can see him get extremely frustrated at rather simple mistakes or jokes made by other members. Suho speed walked to you and tapped your shoulder lightly. Originally posted by suhomysuho.

That being said, popular english dating sims I don't see why he wouldn't be straight. Originally posted by secrethideoutme. Originally posted by dohkyungcutie.

Tao looked confused looked at you and realized that you were human and he felt sad by is inner wolf. The news did not sit well with everyone as some netizens reacted negatively and proceeded to bash the stars. You feel you can be anything on stage and that typically means being something you aren't. Lay was walking back to where the pack was sitting near the lake to tell them about the great news.

That is a lot of pressure for someone who has an attitude like Kai. He acts like nothing he does is right and can sometimes look terrified when asked to do something cute or questionable during an interview or variety show. He doesn't give the looks or body motions I would typically see nor does he do a whole lot with shipping. Sehun and Kai walked to D.

He's a sex symbol and adored by millions of people around the world. As Chanyeol started approaching you Sehun said have in with your human mate and he just froze in his tracks trying to comprehend what he Sehun just said. However, some fans were quick to point out that this only happened because she was out of balance and he held her arm to keep her stable. Originally posted by irpsychotic. As soon as he made sure the rest of your friends had left the area he told them the happy news.

He loves to be involved and experience new things. As you both were standing up he tried to push you in but before he could you turned it around and pushed him in. Besides these rumors, there have been pictures of Suho with matching rings and seemingly appearing close to a girl during his trainee days.

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  • But I do think he probably is entirely straight.
  • Look at his first ever aegyo when they were first starting out.
  • Soon you and Chanyeol were talking like you guys have known each other sense forever.
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