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Myford lathe

Myford super 7 lathe

The barrel was bored clear and passed through the handwheel - an arrangement that did have some advantages, notably if used for long-hole boring when woodturning. Stunning condition with Power Cross Feed. Strong bearing caps were used, each bolted down by two socked-headed cap screws and with a ball-thrust bearing fitted in a shielded position at the left-hand end.

  1. Very good original condition.
  2. The changewheels, like the belts, were enclosed inside a neat, thin-walled cast-aluminium cover.
  3. Gearbox looks lovely, original and very nice paintwork.

Myford cabinet stands for sale. Myford Technical Description continued here. Would actually make a very good inexpensive Myford for someone with a lower budget. Good condition green lathes in this price range don't often appear so please do get in touch to reserve or view. Just email a few photographs to tony lathes.

Myford Ltd Home Page (British Engineering at its best)

Dating myford lathes

Besides the items illustrated, a much larger bed-mounted capstan unit was available with built-in stops and auto indexing. The number can be found stamped at the tailstock-end of the bed, on the rear vertical shear. The micrometer dial fitted is the later machined and engraved type. The original paint having deteriorated in storage, the owner repainted in Myford colours.

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The only non-original point is that the My. The ball-races were housed between screwed rings - which were used, by moving the spindle backwards and forwards, as a precision method of adjusting the front-bearing clearance. Owned from new, stored in a heated house. Bed looks good as does original paintwork. Hardened steel pins were employed, carrying bushes keyed into the gears and with neat, quick-release washers retained by slot-head screws allowing the gears to be changed quickly.

Dating myford lathes

Happy to sell for less without the gearbox. Lathe has been unused for a bit so needs lubricating and running. Unfortunately, virgin dating experienced guy one-phase motors are not the most reliable of devices.

Spindle bearings looked good when inspected, as does the backgear, bull gear, etc, an ok lathe. You are most welcome to call Howard at any time on or to discuss or reserve any machine for sale here. Really super original condition. Clamped to the bed, dating an artist guy the drive was taken to the miller from a No.

Tumble reverse was fitted as standard, allowing quick reversal of the saddle drive - and so speeding up the boring of deep holes, etc. Original paintwork is good. Another two examples, in original finishes, can be seen. The back face of the bed was machined flat and equipped with tapped holes ready to accept a taper-turning attachment. Some pictures are high resolution and may take time to load.

Initial scan over look promising. Then came other machine tools including drills and milling machines, as well as a number of special machines for the packing of cigarettes and production of bearings, wire mesh and, pistons. Absolutely lovely condition. Standard machine, in a sensible price range.

  • However, from August and Serial No.
  • The ordinary maker's stand lack a door and collet storage - deficiencies easily overcome by many enthusiastic owners.
  • Click on image for more detailed photos, information and sale price.

The first proper, fully illustrated catalogue was issued in October and contained not only a complete technical specification but also cut-away diagrams and a list of the many and varied accessories. It would seem that, once you have one of these fine machines, you simply don't want to part with it. The lathe itself is also in excellent condition with, what looks to be, technology brings rapid changes to a very good bed.

The company moved in the early sixties in a modern industrial complex, in Via Ferrarese, and contto successfully produce machine tools, precision grinding machines, vertical lathes and automatic. However, if the assembly is stripped, cleaned and the pulley secured onto the sleeve with a smear of low-strength Loctite, all will be well. They are best run near their rated capacity all the time i. Don't think it's had a hard life. For many years the rather fragile and easily distorted two-step motor pulley was in aluminium, but this was changed to cast iron so matching its countershaft equivalent at some point in the s.

New in, photos just added, see below. Real piece of Myford history. Industrial or standard, for long or standard bed Myford lathes. It is the later non-white-metal bearing model, so that is good news.

Within a good price range for this top spec machine. In he began to produce their own letter-book presses, moulds for containers cachet and a small drill press. Imperial lathe in good condition. Visible just behind the bed is the top part of a multi-stop unit, used to provide a dead-length stop to the saddle movement. Happy to talk, so do call.

Dating myford lathes - The Woodlands TX

Dating myford lathes

Probably the only one of it's kind and a must for any serious Myford collector. Arranged so that it sat underneath the barrel - and so passed through the greatest mass of material - the tailstock spindle lock was of the proper and powerful split-barrel type. Very good original green lathe. Fortunately this assembly was well built and, unlike that on the contemporary Boxford, not prone to failure under clumsy handling. Matching green cabinet if required.

Myford ML7 Lathe

New spindle belt and it all looks good. The cut-out sections in the upright were filled in on later models and the full length hinge pin through the base of the motor platform changed to two short studs. Induction Hardened Bedways. Rodney Vertical Milling attachment. The clutch too was also prone to rattle unless correctly adjusted - reference to the maker's instructions on this point is vital.

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High spec lathe owned from new and obviously cherrised. By this means the saddle to bed contact was arranged against the rear shear, yet the gib strip adjustment kept at the front. Just arrived, waiting for photos to be published. Within a few years the business grew and moved the shop in Via della Fontanina to a new factory in Via Ferrarese.

Some wear to bed and needs a couple of parts. As the noise and vibration is caused by the scuffing of the rollers, a solution to the problem is to replace the originals with the caged equivalent. By this means an otherwise unused already-machined surface could be used and combined with an adjustable gib strip a much longer and more stable contact obtained.

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Dating myford lathes

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Stunning condition with Gearbox. Matching cabinet if required. Some initial photos available upon request. Has metric zero setting cross and top slide dial s.

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