Dating clocks by maker's name, antique clock dating and identification

Identify an Antique Clock

But some of the most common things to look at first are usually the most helpful. Clock Repair Clock History. The bird-cage movement is a guide to location, not date. Dad bought it for her for Christmas. We think it Adamantine, single column, roman numeral face.

Wrangler is stamped on the back of the clock. Sailboat Clock by United Clock Corp. So if anyone can help, it will be much appreciated. Can't pin down enough info about my mantle clock! Just wondered what model and time period and value.

There are two sets of chapter ring mounting holes. The average age however, is still well over years old, so at least we do have a genuine antique! However, I have no idea how old it is, the only thing I know is it's made by William L.

Dating Antique Clocks by the Makers Names
Dating Antique Clocks
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My husband brought this clock home one day and I know nothing about it. Can anyone tell me who made it? She was stationed in Europe. It was made in Thomaston, Connecticut.

  1. If, on the other hand, you just want help identifying one or two clocks you happen to have, post it here.
  2. She owned an antique store in Connecticut many years ago.
  3. It has been passed down on my wife's side of the family.
  4. He is very familiar with the historical understanding of the antique clocks and their value.
  5. It is in good working order.
  6. This clock belongs to my parents.

She is unburdening herself of all her collections and accumulations. She thinks its about years old. My mother bought this clock at an estate sale in England.

Inside the clock there is a letter written by my great-grandmother. Greetings, I'd acquired this mantel clock from a friend whose father brought it back from Germany after the last war. Some case features - - - Early clock trunk doors fit flush inside the door opening, from onwards the door was given a larger edge and covered the hole sides by fitting against the case front.

What is my old clock worth? He told me it is German-made and over years old about years. Provincial dial plates often have cartwheel type cut-outs behind the chapter ring to save brass. She moved to Snohomish, Washington in from St.

At this time it also became fashionable to use Arabic numerals for the hours instead of Roman numerals. Picked up this clock at an estate auction few years ago. My husband recently purchased this clock for me, test and it's beautiful but I know nothing about it.

Clocks Shared by Other Visitors Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page. Chronometer Makers of the World by T. Swan necks are predominantly a provincial feature, although it is possible, but unlikely, that London makers custom made features such as the swan-neck pediment for a provincial customer. Many clock makers and companies put their names directly on the dial and on the movement.

It has an eight day chime and three winding holes. We have fluted columns and carved rosettes to the swan neck. It is a key wind clock and runs perfectly. It has a pendulum that may be brass. It is a New Haven clock, that much I have been able to figure out.

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Use of this website constitutes acceptance of the AntiqueClocksPriceGuide. She told me that he had bought it at Sears, but I wonder if it might be older than that. The weights and pendulum missing.

  • Pendulums too have a time progression, to they had a thin wire rod with a small rounded bob, often plain lead.
  • Very typical of the late dials, except for the center seconds and use of minute numbers.
  • It has a brass German movement.

The clock keeps perfect time. This would fool most casual observers. This clock looks new and runs really well. Prior would likely not have done that! Lead weights were always used until C.

The arch has dolphin spandrels. It has a wire coil that the hammer strikes. We also have a stately looking longcase clock that will likely give another years of enjoyment. On the back of the wagon it says United Metal Goods Co. The electric light is working, but the clock is not.

Help dating a Gilbert movement. Most serious horological books will suggest that the name on the dial should be the last place to start dating a clock. Although a name can be a good starting point for dating a clock, pinpointing the year it was made can still be difficult for a number of reasons. Eventually most clocks went back to a plain or matted centre again. Covers American, European and Continental clocks of all types.

Antique Clock Dating and Identification

Clockmaker s Active Dates

Even if the name on your clock if it has one is not a listed one, fair dating your clock could still be quite old. It also has the name Champion M. There is also a listing of names with alternative spellings and a list of place names and maps.

Tips to help you estimate the age and date of your antique clock

It is a wall clock without glass over the face. Tell Me What to Do with this Clock! Would love to know the name of the clock and a value if possible. My Mum has had it for quite a few years, she loved the Westminster Chimes - it does have a lovely tone.

List of clock manufacturers

Maybe, but we will probably never know. My family was cleaning out the attic and found this beautiful old clock. He got the clock from an employer many years earlier. Hello, university of michigan I need a lot of help in identifying this antique clock I have.

Sometimes a swag of flowers or similar was painted on the dial face, but again very sparingly and restrained. The back of the brass works has E. The minutes are shown by a minute band, two concentric circles close together, 100 free dating with lines inside to represent each minute instead of minute numbers.

How to Identify Which Time Period a Mantel Clock Was Made

This clock was handed down from my ancestors, but I have no idea as to its value if any. The dealer was, I think, Henry Brown. The dial is brass and arched. The clock was made by the E.

Using the Maker s Name or Company Name to Identify an Antique Clock

Some Southern clocks continued this to the end of the brass dial period, but by the vast majority were separate from the door, fitted to the hood frame. Two later dials, the painting filling the dial and arch. There is a very worn paper taped to the back identifying it as a Waterbury Clock. Found two Clock Jacks for cooking on a fireplace hearth.

Antique Clocks Tips to Help in Dating Antique Clocks

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