Amp dating, how to identify the date and value of a fender amplifier

Vintage Fender Amplifier Date Codes - Fender Amp Manufacturing Date
Dating Your Fender Amp

The month codes below remained consistent from forward, but there have been several eras of year codes. Fourth tube is the driver and vibrato modulator. These were almost always at the extreme left of the chassis, when looking at the rear of the amp. Oops, looks like you forgot something.

You might damage the amplifier and the tubes. Fender phase inverters in later amps used a very crude circuit which also provided some voltage gain. This is the phase inverter and vibrato tube. Vibrolux and Vibrolux Reverb.

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Common Fender Source Codes. These have not been observed or reported so the answer remains unknown. Marshall used letters as a date code to represent year of production. Second tube is the driver and vibrato tremolo modulator. If you have absolutely no idea whether your Marshall is old or new, a good place to start is the model name or series.

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The following charts are the revised dating tables for Fender tube amps. The model codes below should help you identify which model you have, while the characteristics described for each year should help with dating. This is no different with published dating tables for vintage Fender guitars and basses.

The year codes changed after this, so using other pieces of evidence to make sure you have pre speakers is important. Jensen Replacement Speakers. All Fender amplifiers, manufactured after include a date code on the amplifier. As a result, there are a lot of amps out there that may look original, dating website but are not.

His passing is a great loss to this research team and the Fender amp aficionado community in general. Finally, these tables are only a guide. Paul worked with Greg on their small box brown Twin myth busting research and is extremely knowledgeable about Fender amps in general with a specialization in the brown and blonde amps. Good luck reading some of the hand written ones. Solid -state rectifiers do not wear out as tubes do, nor can they be replaced by the user.

Marshall Amps By Series

In either case, the code works the same. Many earlier Fender tube amps used rectifier tubes. This is severe duty and will use up the tube's cathode quickly. Greg kept his illness very private, even from this author.

  • As a result, dating cabs can be more art than science.
  • Fourth tube is the phase inverter.
  • Here is another caveat about reading these tables.
  • The guide below will help you quickly and clearly date Marshall amps and cabinets, without us waxing poetic about their influence.
  • These are still found on stickers with a bar code on the back of the amp.

Instead, there were approximately of these chasses produced, which then ended up as one of the three models in question. The best estimate is that about of these were made before the circuit was revised. This tube need not be especially quiet, how to write my dating but its heater-cathode insulation must be very good. Use the model codes and date codes below to determine the model and age of your amp. This model uses solid-state rectifiers rather than tube rectifiers.

The progress of this type of work is slow, hence the long hiatus, however, a lot of new data have been collected regarding Fender amplifiers, including production numbers. The earliest Marshall amp models did not have model codes or any official serialization, though some models had a simple sequential four-digit numbering system inside the back panel. Solid-state rectifiers do not wear out as tubes do, nor can they be replaced by the user.

This is the driver stage and gain makeup stage. Getting the correct year is one thing, but getting the story behind an amp is the fun part. With all this information in mind, can you identify the following manufacturer and date of these source-date codes? Production has continued there uninterrupted through today, though some lower-priced models are now made in China, India or Korea, depending on the series. This is the phase inverter tube.

These modifications are making this research more difficult for a couple of reasons. But other changes may be meant to deceive. It would have been very costly to destroy these units so two remedies were implemented. The letter B was skipped, as were the letters I, O and Q since they might be confused for numbers.

Reissue amps also use stamped Date Codes. Most push-pull Fender tube amps have a tube bias adjustment inside, which varies the idling current in the power tubes all at once. Fourth tube is the driver and reverb recovery amplifier. Fourth tube is the driver. The second thing that was done was the addition of another number stamped into the chassis as a suffix to the A serial number, e.

How can I find out how old my amplifier is

How can I find out how old my amplifier is Fender

How to Identify the Date and Value of a Fender Amplifier

Small amps like the Champ had one power tube and no bias adjustment. So long as one tube from each pair is on one side of the transformer, and the other is on the other side, cast the amp will balance. Third tube is the Normal channel preamp.

Third tube is the tremolo. This tube need not be low- noise or low-hum, nor does it need to be tested for microphony. Remember, your amp is newer than the newest component.

Marshall Serial Numbers

  1. Second tube is preamp, is specified.
  2. If the heater shorts to a cathode in this tube, the amp will not work properly.
  3. The serial number is one part of the puzzle when dating an amp, but cross-checking the originality of the different parts, including tubes, wiring, transformers, knobs, etc.
  4. If it's a one-digit number you need to determine the correct decade of the amp some other way.

Amps from this era still have the block-style Marshall logo and a centered chassis. This is the tremolo vibrato oscillator and driver. Very few of these were and those who own one of these oddballs can either be happy with the fact that it is a rare amp or be sad that the mismatched impedance means the amp is less efficient. Fifth tube is the phase inverter.

For some reason, folks are willing to poke their head into tweed, blonde, brown and blackface amps, but not into silverface amps. If you're about to put down a hefty sum on a vintage Marshall, we strongly encourage you to consult multiple sources to determine the exact age and originality of the amp. Please check the fields highlighted in red.

Third tube is the vibrato oscillator. Currently, Celestion speaker codes follow a day-month-year format. The amps that received the stamped suffix must also be added to this sub-total. All Marshall amps originally came with Celestion speakers, so in cases where the speakers are original, speaker date codes can be used to date earlier amps.

How to date vintage fender amps - Vintage & Rare Blog

Second tube is a driver stage for both channels of preamp, specified. Often these specimens produced between October and December had an offset chassis. Marshall amps had such precedent-setting wattage and tone that their history can hardly be separated from the history of rock itself.

How To Identify The Date And Value Of A Fender Amplifier
Product Dating Fender
Fender Date Codes
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