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Back then the engine came packed with hp and lb-ft. The is a brand new clutch kit that was installed last week. This truck is completely original except for a new paint job it received a few years back. The engine, exhaust and drive train are bone stock.

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There is a flip-up gooseneck hitch that is ready for whatever you hook to it. Follow Truck Trend Network Facebook. This system is very well installed and has no issues, leaks of any kind. The paint isn't perfect, but it is by far on of the best i've seen on these older trucks. No tone ring on the crankshaft to come loose, fall off and tear up your engine.

Only selling to make room for other projects. Good tires Custom flatbed with gooseneck and three locking tool boxes. Radical Renderings- Nick Crouch. The rockers, driver side floor, and lower passenger side fender have rust. This is why it has a rebuilt title.

They are the most involved swaps because of the electronics, caribbean dating free but we know of many first-timers who have completed the swap. The mounts are fully adjustable-both up and down and fore and aft-allowing for a custom fit. These valves have hp stock and can make hp highly modified. The driveshaft was completely rebuilt and had new u-joints and support bearing installed. The engine and transmission are in great shape.

Please email me for a link to many more additional pictures. This truck is in need or repair such as the floors weak as well as other body work but the truck is what it is. Just replaced all motor mounts and transmission mounts at the time the clutch was installed.

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It has a great sound and is not overbearing in the cab. Diesel Conversion Specialists offers wiring and tuning support for its customers using automatic transmission controllers. New sheetmetal fenders, hood, grille, headlights were installed. Maybe you want to make your hot rod more practical with an efficient diesel. You will forget you are driving a lb dually.

Swap A Cummins Into Anything

1993 Dodge Cummins Cars for sale

The truck has been well cared for and will run for a long long time. If that solenoid goes out, you can turn the key off, but the engine keeps running. It was used for commercial applications and came de-tuned from the factory when fitted on the Ram engines. However, they came from the factory operating close to maximum capacity, so it's difficult to get much over hp out of them.

  1. Instead, these engines work great in all types of applications.
  2. The truck doesn't come with a rear view mirror, should be easy enough to find at the junk yard.
  3. The car is located in Sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.
  4. Over time, the rod stretches where it connects to the crankshaft and allows the rod bearing to spin and cause catastrophic engine failure.
  5. The truck and camper shell were all repainted at the same time and match great.

He upgraded the planitaries, bands, random dating questions and converter. Please don't waste my time. The rearend was completely disassembled and rebuilt with new Timken bearings.

  • This truck is not even broken in yet, and especially hasn't been overworked and overloaded like the majority of First Gens out there.
  • Use it for your car or bike shop and be the envy of every guy at the shows.
  • The engine has right at k on it which is nothing for a Cummins.
  • Once payment clears the title will be sent certified mail, handed over in person, or sent with the shipper whatever you prefer.

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Our main objective is to provide our customers with an excellent purchase experience. This truck was originally a Western Hauler conversion truck so the interior is plush. The headliner is tight to the ceiling, there are no cracks in the dash, radiocarbon dating can be and the carpet and seat look great. It has Bluetooth so you can sync your phone. There is also a db train horn so everyone will hear you coming.

About miles since that was all done. Your Diesel Questions Asked and Answered. It was hit on the drivers front corner. If you would like a quote please send your zip code and city. All in all, this is one of the cleanest and well restored Cummins Rams on the market.

The front and rear suspension are both completely adjustable with Heims joints so it is totally dialed in. Apply Filters Clear Search. The cap of the rod that goes on the bottom of the crankshaft is cast separately from the rest of the rod. Just iron, steel and aluminum. It also just does not see much use as I have a newer truck that I daily drive.

They are installed with American Force wheel adapters, not the no-name junk from China. We stand behind each vehicle that we sell and hope to create a solid base of friendships, not just a list of customers. There isn't a whole lot to say about this beautiful truck. Transmission was checked and re-sealed, an differentials and transfer case were checked. It fires up and runs like a champ.

136A Denso Style Alternator 5.9 Cummins 1-Wire (2227SE)

The motor and trans are integrated into the truck extremely well. The drive train has always been maintained. All vehicles are sold as-is unless otherwise specified.

Diesel Conversion Specialists also offers billet-aluminum transmission adapters to bolt Cummins engines to Ford and Chevy transmissions with your choice of starter. Why a Cummins Engine Swap? Swap A Cummins Into Anything.

This truck was owned by an older gentleman its entire life and was used for taking short camping trips up to the lake. No frame damage, alignment issues, etc. That's because that's not the bed for that truck. Or dial in the bodywork and a new paintjob and have a full on show truck.

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The front drive shaft in missing. Neither the or valve can be called quiet when compared to the refined common rail engines. Get this one just in time for fall!

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Tachometer Sensor

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The same force also makes us want to own a valve Cummins. Terms and Conditions of Sale We take time to carefully describe each vehicle and include a substantial number of photos. Truck is for sale locally and auction or ad may end at any time. The rear c-notch and bridge are all heavy gauge and are braced with additional fore and aft tubular braces. Power is put down via a Southbend clutch and flywheel and hydraulic clutch.

Due to our low overhead and reliable buying sources, the dating show we are able to be more than competitive on an outstanding selection of automobiles. None of those new-fangled semi-conductors on this engine. Please ask all you questions prior to bidding and note this truck is for sale in front of my house and advertised in other markets as well. The pictures actually make the paint look better than it is.

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